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Mangosteen St Pete: A Tropical Asian Restaurant

Mangosteen: A New Restaurant Arrives in St Pete

It has felt like quite a while since Central has welcomed a new restaurant – so when I watched Mangosteen open their doors earlier this year, I was both hopeful and excited. Mangosteen is a tropical restaurant located at 656 Central Avenue in Downtown St. Pete and offers Yakitori, Tapas, Tacos, Sushi, Stirfry and of course cocktails — it may be the next restaurant you need to try.

At the time of writing this, I’ve dined at Mangosteen about 3 times and have ordered takeout approximately 432 times. The interior of the restaurant offers clean, tropical vibes. Though it doesn’t offer an intimate feel, I think it’s is a great choice for everything from large parties and date nights, to work lunches.

Mangosteen: Let’s Talk Food and Drinks

Mangosteen’s menu focuses on sushi and asian-inspired dishes but also offers some staples like steak, salads and sandwiches making it a safe choice when you’re craving a roll but your friend is not too keen on sushi. The first time I visited Mangosteen, our server suggested one of the top dishes customers have loved: The Drunken Noodles. We also indulged in the Wild River Roll, the Miso Salmon, and the Spicy Pork Dumplings – everything was great.

Their cocktail list offers creative twists on some classic favorites in addition to some signatures concoctions. Over the course of my visits, I’ve tried the “Bikini Bottom”, a sweet cocktail that arrives in a fun glass and the “Elderflower Sour”, their take on a French 75 that is equally crisp and clean. I also tried the “Dragon Ball-Z”, their rendition of a Mule, the very fruity “Happy Ending”, and my personal favorite, the “Wild Thyme”.

So, whether you’re on the hunt for a round of cocktails to kick off a night out or some fresh sushi and tapas after the pool, in my opinion, Mangosteen is a spot worth checking out.

Photos: Kris Holman

Mangosteen Info:

656 Central Avenue
Downtown St. Pete
Florida, 33701

Mangosteen Phone Number: (727)-954- 3381

Delivery: Uber Eats (click here to order)

Takeout: Yes (call ahead)

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The Canopy: Downtown St. Pete’s Rooftop Bar

Rooftop Collective visits The Canopy Rooftop Bar in St. Pete

Sitting down to write this post almost seems ridiculous because I truly do feel EVERYONE knows about The Canopy, the Downtown St. Petersburg rooftop bar that has attracted locals, out of towners, bachelorettes, and birthday parties for years.

However, in the off chance you have not already visited The Canopy, I will gladly introduce you to this rooftop bar that has been attracting locals, out of towners, bachelorettes, and birthday parties for years. 😉

The Canopy is perched atop the Birchwood Hotel right on Beach drive offering stunning views of North Straub Park and Tampa Bay and is Downtown St. Pete’s only rooftop bar (apart from the pier).

Offering a pretty substantial food menu (think flatbreads, chicken dishes, and burgers) and craft cocktails, Canopy is an upbeat spot offering firepits, cabana rentals, music, and of course, VIEWS FOR DAYS. Opening at 11 AM on the weekends, visitors can watch the bar slowly transform from a daytime lunch spot to a busy nightlife destination when the sun goes down.

Check out their menu here.

Because it’s located right on Beach Drive, many people waiting for a table at a busy restaurant in the area will saunter up to Canopy to get a drink before their reservation. In addition to hungry restaurant-goers, you will often find celebratory crowds like bachelorettes, birthdays, wedding parties, and more. I’m not going to lie, it gets pretty crowded at times..however, they do offer a good amount of seating between their bar, hightops, canopies, and couches.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to bring out-of-town guests, or a fun spot to kick off your next girl’s night out, The Canopy is an easy winner.

Check their social media for various events and specials throughout the week!

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Cigar Paradise: St. Pete Cigar & Craft Cocktail Bar

Rooftop Collective visits Cigar Paradise Downtown

Guys – I really feel like I am about to bring a little awareness to a local GEM that has been flying under the radar for far too long. This post is dedicated to Cigar Paradise Royal lounge – a cigar lounge and craft cocktail bar that opened a while back on Beach Drive.

Cigar Paradise Lounge in Downtown St. Petersburg Florida Lobby with Rooftop Collective

Let me paint a picture for you… you’re out to dinner with friends on Beach Drive, the food and drinks have been wonderful, the conversation – dare I say, enjoyable and though the check has come, you’re not quite ready to call it a night. Enter: Cigar Paradise. This striking bar and lounge is quietly located by Annex and 400 Beach Seafood & Tap House. Pouring up craft cocktails and offering a diverse selection of fine cigars, Cigar Paradise offers an elevated atmosphere – perfect for that after-dinner nightcap.

When Kristina and I visited for this set, we enjoyed a smoked old fashion and I used my limited (read: non-existent) knowledge of cigars to select one that was cut and lit by a pro. Cigar Paradise is open 7 days a week from 11 AM to Midnight and offers live cigar rolling Saturday through Wednesday from 1 PM to 8 PM.

Since they are open during the day, their spacious spread offers a great place to work as well – plus you will always be the first one to happy hour. 😉

When you visit, I recommend ordering their smoked old-fashioned from the bar – their presentation is quite impressive.


Photography by Kristina Holman.

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Lida’s Jungle: St. Petersburg Plant Store

Rooftop Collective visits Lidas Jungle in Downtown St. Pete

One of the many things I adore about living in Downtown St. Pete is the walkability the city has. Living on or by Central Avenue provides a constant opportunity to walk outside and just see where the day takes you.  A little while back, while strolling Central, I walked past Lida’s Jungle for the first time.

A new location for the local business, Lida’s Jungle is located at 1037 Central Ave, between Sweet Stack Shack and Poppo’s, and is here to make your jungle dreams come true.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Hendley, one of the shop’s founders and she shared the story behind Lida’s with me.

Growing up, Sarah had worked with her grandmother in their nursery and garden – though at the time she had little to no interest in anything botanical. However, as she entered her adult years, she realized a passion for plants that was also shared by Daniel Reyes, the shop’s other founder.

Named after Sarah’s daughter, Lida, Lida’s Jungle is thriving on Central Avenue and serves as a place for those with green thumbs to expand their botanical collection.

When asked what being a part of St. Pete’s local business scene means, Sarah replied:

“Being a part of Downtown St. Pete’s local business scene is huge! Growing up here, visiting all of the shops on Central and now being one of the shops is just unreal. Being located in the Edge District, surrounded by a bunch of great businesses — were just so glad to be a part of it.”

Sarah Hendley, Lida’s Jungle Co-Founder

I myself, only having a few houseplants (the number is steadily increasing) found the knowledge Sarah has to be easy to understand and made investing in plants for both my apartment and balcony easy and enjoyable.

If anything, stop into the shop for the sheer VIBE – it’s gorgeous.

Whether you’re looking for a lush leafy plant, or a spikey cactus (I still don’t understand the draw to these living pushpins) Lida’s Jungle is ready to help you find your next (or first!) plant.

To check out other local businesses in St. Pete:

Photography by Kristina Holman.


Visit Blo Blow Dry Bar St. Pete with Me

gabrielle troyer visits blow blowdry bar in downtown st petersburg for a blowout

Hi, my name is Gabrielle Troyer and I am addicted to blowouts… but, I think it’s ok – I think this is an obsession that doesn’t hurt anyone. Yes, that was a TikTok reference – I am trying to really keep up with the times. Youthful references aside, I do love a good blowout. For those of you who may not have experienced the sheer glory of a blowout, a blowout is when you go to a hair salon and instead of cutting and coloring your hair, you simply get your hair washed, dried, and professionally styled. The dream? I think so. Let’s visit Blo Blow Dry Bar together!

Blo Blow Dry Bar located right downtown at 920 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, Florida and is here to make your hair dreams come true. There are a few amazing places to get a blowout in the St. Pete area – another reason to love this city!

I’ve gone to Blo a few times this year and each time, safety was their number one priority. Masks are required during your service and temperature checks are done when you walk in. From that point on, the only thing you have to worry about is picking a style from their menu!

Getting a Blowout: The Process

After temp checks, you are introduced to a stylist who will sit down with you and ask you a few questions. Questions may range from what type of style did you have in mind, to what is your typical hair care routine. After you have reviewed and selected a hairstyle, it’s off to the races to the shampoo sinks!

Normally, when I stop in for a blowout, I book the base blowout which includes a wash and style (always a winner). However, if you’re wanting to give your locks a little added TLC, consider booking some enhancements. I recently came in for a hair treatment and could not believe how soft my hair was afterwards.

After your shampoo – you take a towel head selfie and then it’s time to be blown (away).

Your stylist will start meticulously brushing and drying your hair until you’re ready for one of those giant fans that models have when they walk down the runway. (At least that’s how I always feel afterward.)

That’s it! I always love the smell of the products they use (all items are by UNITE) and leave your hair smelling salon-fresh.

Whether you are getting ready for a special event, or just want an afternoon self-care pick-me-up, consider treating yourself to an afternoon at Blo.

Blowout FAQ’s (Basically all of the questions I had)

How do I book a service? You can book online here, or you can call them at 727 954 8292 to make an appointment.

How much does a blowout cost? The final cost of your visit is determined by what services you select. A base blowout without any hair care enhancement is $45.

Can I get a blowout with extensions? Yes! If you have bonded extensions, just select that option when booking and you are good to go. I will note there is an increase in price for those with extensions.

Is there champagne? If you’re asking this question, you are my people. Blo does not offer champagne – HOWEVER, you are more than welcome to bring your own beverages to make things special. (True story, I recently brought my friend for her first blowout and made it even better by bringing some bubbly and a bucket of ice.)

How long does a blowout last? So, this 100% can be different for everyone. The life of your blowout also depends on what you booked. For example, I had booked a service before a special event and requested heavy hairspray for the evening. So – I had to wash that out the next day. However, when I normally go, I can keep mine looking good with proper care (a brush and dry shampoo) for about 4 days or so.

Does Blo offer other services? Yes! In addition to blowouts and hair treatments, they have a full makeup station ready to give you the full transformation before your next event or shoot. Makeup services can also be booked over the phone or online – Reina will take excellent care of you!

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Social Roost St. Petersburg: A New Culinary Experience

Rooftop Collective Visits Social Roost in Downtown St. Pete

Chicken just got a MAJOR upgrade. One of the newest restaurants to call Downtown St. Petersburg home, Social Roost recently opened its doors inviting locals and visitors to dine in style at 150 1st Ave North.

Tucked below the ONE building downtown, Social Roost offers a beautifully curated menu in addition to a glamorous bar ready to impress you with beautiful craft cocktails. 

Gabrielle Troyer from Rooftop Collective visits Downtown St. Petersburg Restaurant Social Roost

When I saw a glimpse of the inside, I immediately knew I wanted to feature them on Rooftop Collective. So, I did what every professional does these days when they want to reach out to a new business, I sent them a DM and hoped for the best.

I received a response almost instantly and the next week, I was set to shoot with my friend Kristina Holman.  

From the moment I walked in, I was taken with the aesthetic – it’s pretty much the exact vibe I want to create in my apartment. Green velvet accents, rich hues, and a beyond glam gold glitter wall – do you need to know about the food or are you already ready to make reservations with your friends?

The day of our shoot, we were warmly welcomed by Social Roost’s owners, Rob Bowen and Jason Teabout – both natives of St. Pete. Immediately, I loved them.

It quickly became clear that this new restaurant was a result of their passion for the community and that they’re incredibly proud to be a new part of the local restaurant scene.

“We absolutely love downtown. We actually live two blocks from the restaurant and our other business, Rob Bowen Design Group has been downtown for 15 years. You can always find us walking from one business to another, or from home, or riding bikes, downtown. It’s our home and our life! We live and breathe downtown St. Pete.”

Owners, Rob Bowen and Jason Teabout

Social Roost, a scratch kitchen cleverly brings together Rob and Jason’s shared love for the community and travels around the world. As the name suggests, the menu offers a variety of dishes – many of which are poultry-based.

But guys – this is NOT your average “chicken joint.”

Each dish has been painstakingly curated by New York City’s Executive Chef Susan Burdian and impresses with upscale presentation and undeniable flavor.

Together, Kristina and I tried their Baby Kale Cesar Salad (BEST Cesar I have had downtown by the way), Chicken Cuban (it was amazing), 8 oz Filet (cooked to perfection) and finished with tasting their Gooey Chocolate Brownie.

(Ok…I did more than taste the brownie, Kristina and I devoured it with no regard for table manners – it was amazing and I have no regrets.)

Social Roost in Downtown St. Petersburg offers globally inspired menu

Of course, it wouldn’t be a true Rooftop Collective feature if I didn’t touch on the cocktail list.

Crafted by their lead mixologist, Max Blowers, another St. Petersburg native, Social Roost’s cocktails are sure to make their way onto your Instagram story.

Max let his attention to detail and love for cocktails shine as he presented us with a few of Social Roost’s lavish cocktails.

Together, Kristina and I tried The Jetsetter, (Coconut Cartel Aged Rum, Spiced Pineapple Shrub, Nonino Amaro, Cinnamon, Lime), The Social Butterfly (Empress Gin, Chinola Passion Fruit, Lemon, Orange Blossom), and the Diplomat (Vago Elote Mezcal, Campari, Punt Y Mes, St. George Nola Coffee, Mole Bitters, Smoke) each cocktail more beautiful than the last.

Though I don’t consider myself to be a “food blogger”, I feel confident I will not be alone in my stellar impression of the quality and concept behind each dish and cocktail at Social Roost.

After visiting once, I could tell that everything from the extravagant interior design (the work of owner Rob Bowen himself), to the menu of elevated dishes, has been meticulously thought through. View their full menu and hours here.

I am excited to welcome this new glamorous eatery to my backyard. I will definitely be coming back with friends soon – the gold glitter wall and the rest of the menu items I have yet to try are calling my name.


Saturn Salon In St. Pete: My Hair Redemption

Saturn Salon in St. Petersburg

You likely don’t need to read yet another paragraph about how “this year has been crazy” but, here we are. This year HAS been crazy and with the new normal of living in a pandemic, you may be like me in noticing some things that have, oh I don’t know, gotten away from you? If I am being honest, I was LONG overdue for a haircut well before the pandemic. Then, when everything closed down in March, I simply accepted my grown out highlights and split ends as part of if my new aesthetic. Thank goodness Morgan from Saturn Salon entered my life this month.

Located at  911 32nd Ave N in St. Petersburg, Saturn Salon is an eco-friendly hair salon offering quality hair treatments in the most adorable atmosphere. When I connected with Saturn Salon’s owner and lead stylist, Morgan Webb, on Instagram it was as if the hair gods had thrown me a lifeline to save me from the rising tide that was my hair disaster.

Ok, a little dramatic? Fine. However still incredibly true — just look at my before and afters!

When I first pulled up to the salon, I was immediately taken with the cute black and white awning – opening the door to the most adorable parlor-style salon was such a welcomed moment! Decorated by Morgan herself, the salon aesthetic is like a vintage/boho/glam combination that somehow just works. Immediately, I thought of approximately 27 people who I am sure would love to come to get their hair done here simply for the Instagram-worthy environment.

Saturn Salon Interior in St. Petersburg Florida
Saturn Salon Interior in St. Petersburg Florida

From the moment I met Morgan, I honestly felt comfortable trusting her with my hair. She immediately brushed out and started cutting my hair (why isn’t everyone dry cutting? I feel like it makes SO much more sense!)

From there, we began a balayage treatment and finished with a colored glaze that she created custom for my hair. In the end, I honestly can say I was incredibly impressed with the outcome. I could not remember the last time I had seen my hair as bouncy and as shiny as it was after Morgan’s magic.

Hair Painting for Balayage at Saturn Salon

In addition to the skill Morgan has hand-painting hair, she used Davines hair care products, a sustainable haircare line that made my hair smell and feel wonderful. Honestly, before my appointment at Saturn Salon, I had truly forgotten how nice it is to have refreshed and manageable hair.

Saturn Salon St. Pete FL Hair Salon

Because Morgan truly cares about this community and understands the importance of making buying decisions towards a more sustainable future, she hosts events at Saturn Salon such as clothing swaps and more.

I am so glad I now feel I have a go-to hair salon in St. Petersburg – I’ll be back for sure.

Check out Saturn Salon’s events by following them on Instagram!


The Bronze Lily: My First Spray Tan Experience

So I was going to title this blog post, “I dragged my husband to go get his first spray tan during a hurricane, and here’s what happened.” Although this title would be equally entertaining as it is true, I decided to go for a more “SEO optimized” title. (I guess it’s finding that balance between professional blogging and how I am actually thinking, lol.) Anyways, on to the subject at hand – my (and Tyler’s) first-ever spray tan experience at The Bronze Lily.

Being naturally tan all of my life, I have always found it almost too easy to get a few shades darker, so honestly, a spray tan was never something I considered. However, now that I have Rooftop Collective, I am always looking for opportunities to try something new while providing my honest experience to those interested. Additionally, I learned The Bronze Lily is a locally owned, woman-owned business, which is a VIBE. The company is owned and operated by Larae and her French Bulldog, (the business’ mascot) named Lily.

From the moment I booked our appointment, Larae made sure Tyler and I were informed of what to wear, bring and expect for our spray tan. When we arrived, I could tell the space had been cleaned and was awaiting our transformation/glow-up. #YASSS

Upon arrival, Larae walked Tyler and I through the different options for our spray tans and gave her suggestions. Having done this professionally for many years, I went with her suggestions and awkwardly changed into my bathing suit. (I personally am a fan of tan lines so I grabbed a triangle bikini top and regular bottoms.) Likely sensing my initial nervousness, Larae mentioned that the product line she uses is what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders use and with that, my nerves were gone.

If it’s good enough for the cheerleaders, it’s good enough for me!

Of course, my first apprehension was “uh, since I am already tan, how dark are we going here?” Larae selected a beautiful natural color and into the egg-shaped tent-thing I went. I opted to get the type of spray tan that required me to get sprayed, and then shower 2-4 hours afterward. The spray tan literally only took a few minutes and felt very relaxing. After my spray, I was generously feathered down with a setting powder which both smelled amazing and had a fun shimmer to it.

Next up was Tyler. Though I know all that was running through Tyler’s mind at the time was the episode of Friends where Ross turned orange due to a spray tan machine disaster, he was a good sport. He bravely opted to get the type of spray tan where he gets sprayed, and only showers the next morning.

After we were both sprayed, set with powder, we were thoroughly impressed by the professionalism, cleanliness, and outcome of our appearance. We both walked out with a better understanding of why people get spray tans on a regular basis.

The next day, I found my tan to be perfectly even, and gone were my weird polo tan lines from the ONE time Tyler took me golfing. I even noticed I didn’t need makeup since my face color had been evened out. As for Tyler? He woke up in a slight panic (as the tan was to get darker overnight and then lighten up after a shower). After his shower, his tan also appeared even and lovely. Honestly? I think he’s liking it a lot more than he thought he would – it looks great!

We expect these tans to last us through the weekend and maybe a few days after that. Next? we may just need to inquire about The Bronze Lily monthly membership package.

Check out the full experience on my IG highlight here.

Obviously, this was my first-ever spay tan experience, but I can’t honestly imagine having a better one. If you’re interested in a spray tan for a special event or just to pamper yourself a little, I highly recommend booking an appointment at The Bronze Lily.

Oh hey – now that you’re informed of where to get a rockin’ spray tan, how about you make some dinner plans?

Check out my review of downtown St. Pete restaurant, Wild Child.

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Wild Child St. Pete: A Restaurant & Cocktail Bar You Can’t Miss

Wild Child Restaurant in St. Pete FL

I think I may have been one of the first few followers of the Wild Child Instagram account. I’m not sure how I came across it but I know the moment I saw there was a new cocktail bar coming to the Grand Central District in Downtown St. Pete with the name “Wild Child” I knew it was going to be something special. Having already been there more times in the last few weeks than anywhere else, it’s accurate to say I’m a fan.

Wild Child: A Tropical Hideaway on Central Avenue

Wild Child Restaurant in Downtown St. Pete

I actually first visited the spirited new downtown restaurant with my photographer, Kris Holman – purely hoping to get a drink and take some pictures for Rooftop Collective. However, due to an untimely storm rolling in, we opted to postpone the pictures and just have an appetizer and a few drinks together. Let me just say – I was hooked from that point on! From the moment we were seated inside, Kris and I were excitedly enjoying the vibrant decor (TOTALLY Instagram-worthy), the wonderfully curated menu, and the playlist that seemed to have the perfect mix of enjoyable throwbacks and current favorites.

From that night, I went on to visit several more times with other friends and my husband (it’s kind of the cutest casual date night spot – like when you want to be casual chic with a wide-brimmed hat and enjoy quality food without feeling the need to pull out the stilettos). Each time I tried various things off the menu and I think to-date have sampled almost every cocktail. (I am not even joking you – they are ALL good and have the cutest names.)

With a stylishly decorated interior and an outside patio area that will soon be home to live music and another bar, Wild Child is truly the perfect spot for friends to gather.

Gabrielle Troyer, Rooftop Collective at Wild Child St. Pete

I had the opportunity to chat with Matt Kaye recently who owns Wild Child with business partner, Chef Rob Reinsmith. If these names sound at all familiar, it may be because Matt famously owns the popular downtown dive bar The Bends and Rob was formally the Executive Chef of Noble Crust, another St. Pete favorite spot.

.05 seconds into our conversation it was obvious why Wild Child was such an instant success. Not only had Matt and Rob clearly put an incredible amount of thought and effort into this new restaurant, but they were also passionate about it. The reason why the vibe, food, and drinks were so likable is that they genuinely believe in this new venture and have incorporated details into both the ambiance and menu from their lifelong travels around the world.

Gabrielle Troyer, Rooftop Collective at Wild Child St. Pete
Drink Featured: “Saturn” // Bombay Sapphire, Fresh Lemon, Passion Fruit, Orgeat, Falernum

Wild Child is the perfect location for:

  • Celebrations where you want a more casual, fun atmosphere but still killer food.
  • Drinks! Meeting someone out for cocktails? Wild Child has a fantastic craft cocktail list (my favorite is the Jungle Cat)
  • Out-of-town Visitors: If you’re anything like me, when family or friends come to visit from out-of-town, I cannot wait to show them around St. Pete. Wild Child’s young and friendly vibe is a great snapshot of what much of St. Pete is like. In my opinion, a lot of the Wild Child menu is easily sharable making the outside patio area the perfect place for a larger party to hang out and enjoy dinner together.

Wild Child’s Menu

Online, the menu is described as “New American cuisine.” Now I am not a food blogger and never claim to be one, so I really can’t tell you all that category entails. However, I do know that from personal experience I would describe Wild Child’s menu as fresh, cohesive and memorable.


Though I have yet to try everything off the menu (that day will come, trust me) the favorites I have had the pleasure of ordering so far are:

  • Whipped Ricotta – How on earth can you go wrong with the opportunity to spoon ricotta cheese into your mouth with toasted sourdough? You cant.
  • Snapper Ceviche – when looking around each time I visited Wild Child, it seemed nearly every group of people had this dish on their table. Why? It’s the most wonderfully refreshing ceviche I’ve ever tried.
  • Roasted Beet Salad – This beautifully presented salad changed my outlook on beets forever.
Wild Child St Pete new restaurant downtown
Chef’s Special! This ahi Tuna Appetizer was incredible. Featured Drink: “Mezcalita” // Vida Mezcal, Fresh Lime, Agave, Fresh Pineapple, Jalpeño, Cilantro, Tajin
Wild Child St. Pete Menu
Dish Shown: The Beet Salad


I would say my favorite part of Wild Child’s menu is its cocktail list. I’m a sucker for a drink with a fun name and I think the owners know who their target market is. Wild Child’s cocktails are refreshingly bright and summery, perfectly complementing anything you select off their menu.

Gabrielle Troyer, Rooftop Collective at Wild Child St. Pete
Drink Featured: “Queens Park Swizzle”// Matusalem Rum, Fresh Lime, Mint Demerara, Angostura Bitters
Gabrielle Troyer, Rooftop Collective at Wild Child St. Pete
Featured Drink: “Jungle Cat” (my fav!) // Espolón Aperol, Fresh Lime, Orgeat, Chipotle Salt

New spots like Wild child are exactly why I love St. Petersburg so much. The Sunshine City is a large enough city to attract unique and memorable businesses but small enough that you feel you’re part of a close-knit neighborhood.

With plans to further build out the outdoor patio area, guests will soon enjoy an additional bar, beutifully decorated seating areas, and a small stage for live music (YAY!)

If you’re looking for a new spot to try, I obviously recommend this new gem — odds are, you may see me there.

Beauty Lifestyle

4 Ways Under $10 to Upgrade Your Shower

hanging eucalyptus in shower

Alright, guys – 2020 has continued to throw one curveball after another at us and it has become more important than ever to find ways to relax, calm yourself and even disconnect from the stresses of the world from the comfort of your home. I put together this super simple list in hopes that it may give someone an idea of how to upgrade the “me time” they may have.

1) Hanging Eucalyptus in Your Shower

Is it just me or is like everyone lately hanging plants in their showers? Like not just eucalyptus but like ferns, vines and I swear – I once saw a full-on palm tree. Either way – whether your a friend of being in the shower with leaves or not – hanging eucalyptus in your shower could absolutely be something to consider to upgrade your daily shower.

At first – I had to figure out why this was occurring, so I researched it, and apparently – the oils within the leaves of the eucalyptus leaves can start naturally diffusing when hung under your shower head. #Science

Some of the benefits of eucalyptus can be stress reduction, respiratory health and pain relief – so why not bring the spa to you for just $5?

Here’s how you hang eucalyptus in your shower like a pro:

How to hang eucalyptus in your shower

Step 1) Pick-up a bushel of eucalyptus leaves ( I purchased mine for under $5 at Trader Joe’s)

P.S. I also got pumpkin muffin mix I just reminded myself about – score.

Step 2) Tie the stems of the branches together (like how I imagine the cavemen to have done to make a broom)

Step 3) Hang the tied bushel under your shower head BUT NOT SO CLOSE THAT IT GETS WATER ONTO IT. Remember, you want the leaves to defuse, not get a bath

Step 4) Take a picture because it’s heckin’ instagramable #selfcare #spaday #diy #RooftopCollective

Step 5) Enjoy!

2) Introducing: Shower Bombs

I’ve used bath bombs for a while – (the Lush ones are my fav!) But real talk? Filling up my tub takes approximately 8.5 hours and you know what? Because I am still waiting for my million dollar mansion with a walnut tub that holds heat, (thanks Million Dollar Listing LA you made a monster) the water stays warm for like 5 minutes – not luxurious.

Introducing: SHOWER BOMBS – here to clarify your nose, awaken your soul and upgrade your daily shower. Shower bombs were a new concept for me, but once I picked up a few from Naples Soap Company – (support local!) – I wish I had found out about them sooner.

At just $8, each shower bomb can last around two showers and is likely less than your favorite craft cocktail.

3) Fluff Up Your Towels

Ok so I don’t wash my towels every day – I think that’s normal right? I totally change them out frequently, but I use a towel and then hang it on the rack for a little while. Well, you know that comforting feeling of taking warm laundry out of the dryer? Why not treat yo’self to a wonderfully warm and cozy towel by popping it in the dryer with a dryer sheet right before your shower?

It’s fast, easy, cozy and free.

4) Purchase a Shower Spray

Shower Spray Purchased from Woodhouse Spa

If it’s good enough for the Four Seasons, it’s good enough for you! I’ve had the welcomed opportunity to spend the day at the Four Seasons in Denver Colorado and the BIGGEST thing I was impressed with was the spray they had in each shower. Guys – that was like a year ago and I am still thinking about that spray.

Spraying a little bit of the many sprays available immediately transforms your shower into a steamy wonderland of relaxation and clarification. This is something that takes SO much less time than drawing a bath and has a huge immediate payoff. Though I have no idea what concoction the Four Seasons uses, this spray from The Woodhouse Day Spa will take you from stressed out to in the clouds in no time.

Included this because TECHNICALLY the travel size is under $10. However, if you want to be baller, the full-size bottle is about $30. 😉

Warning: from what I have read – some essential oils such as eucalyptus can be harmful to pets – so be sure to check the ingredients and with your vet before steaming up your house with leaves, bath bombs, and sprays.

There you have it! 4 ways to upgrade your daily shower for under $10! Let me know if you have tried any of these ideas and if you like them!