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gabrielle troyer visits blow blowdry bar in downtown st petersburg for a blowout

Visit Blo Blow Dry Bar St. Pete with Me

Hi, my name is Gabrielle Troyer and I am addicted to blowouts… but, I think it’s ok – I think this is an obsession that doesn’t hurt anyone. Yes, that was a TikTok reference – I am trying to…

Saturn Salon in St. Petersburg

Saturn Salon In St. Pete: My Hair Redemption

You likely don’t need to read yet another paragraph about how “this year has been crazy” but, here we are. This year HAS been crazy and with the new normal of living in a pandemic, you may be like…


The Bronze Lily: My First Spray Tan Experience

So I was going to title this blog post, “I dragged my husband to go get his first spray tan during a hurricane, and here’s what happened.” Although this title would be equally entertaining as it is true, I…

hanging eucalyptus in shower
Beauty Lifestyle

4 Ways Under $10 to Upgrade Your Shower

Alright, guys – 2020 has continued to throw one curveball after another at us and it has become more important than ever to find ways to relax, calm yourself and even disconnect from the stresses of the world from…