New Girl In Town Brunches: Upcoming Events

RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU THINK MAKING NEW FRIENDS IS HARD. Ok, now put your hand down, you’re in the middle of Panera Bread… by yourself. Just me? Ok cool.

But it’s true, right? It feels like making new friends when you get out of school is just a little harder than it really needs to be. It was this exact observation that inspired me to launch Rooftop Collective (RC) Events.

Life is hard – making new friends shouldn’t be.

What is a “New Girls In Town Brunch?”

Tampa Bay make-up artist and content creator, Megan Panwar and I have always shared the idea of creating an event where girls who are new to the area or who are looking to meet new friends could get together casually (but glamorously of course) and connect. From this shared passion came the “New Girls in Town Brunch” — a brunch hosted at a local restaurant that offers girls the opportunity to have fun, meet new friends, and flourish in Tampa Bay!

New Girls In Town Brunch: June 25th | 12:30PM

IMPORTANT: Though we would LOVE to have everyone interested to attend, space is limited, and we can only RSVP girls on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you are interested in attending our upcoming brunch, we invite you to sign up below! Signing up does not guarantee your spot as spots are limited. 🙁

After submitting your information, we will reach out to you with information regarding availability. Don’t worry! If spots are already filled by the time you submit your information, we will reach out to you and let you know.

Submit your info below!

Inagural Event: Rooftop Collective’s New Girls in Town Brunch