The Bronze Lily: My First Spray Tan Experience

So I was going to title this blog post, “I dragged my husband to go get his first spray tan during a hurricane, and here’s what happened.” Although this title would be equally entertaining as it is true, I decided to go for a more “SEO optimized” title. (I guess it’s finding that balance between professional blogging and how I am actually thinking, lol.) Anyways, on to the subject at hand – my (and Tyler’s) first-ever spray tan experience at The Bronze Lily.

Being naturally tan all of my life, I have always found it almost too easy to get a few shades darker, so honestly, a spray tan was never something I considered. However, now that I have Rooftop Collective, I am always looking for opportunities to try something new while providing my honest experience to those interested. Additionally, I learned The Bronze Lily is a locally owned, woman-owned business, which is a VIBE. The company is owned and operated by Larae and her French Bulldog, (the business’ mascot) named Lily.

From the moment I booked our appointment, Larae made sure Tyler and I were informed of what to wear, bring and expect for our spray tan. When we arrived, I could tell the space had been cleaned and was awaiting our transformation/glow-up. #YASSS

Upon arrival, Larae walked Tyler and I through the different options for our spray tans and gave her suggestions. Having done this professionally for many years, I went with her suggestions and awkwardly changed into my bathing suit. (I personally am a fan of tan lines so I grabbed a triangle bikini top and regular bottoms.) Likely sensing my initial nervousness, Larae mentioned that the product line she uses is what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders use and with that, my nerves were gone.

If it’s good enough for the cheerleaders, it’s good enough for me!

Of course, my first apprehension was “uh, since I am already tan, how dark are we going here?” Larae selected a beautiful natural color and into the egg-shaped tent-thing I went. I opted to get the type of spray tan that required me to get sprayed, and then shower 2-4 hours afterward. The spray tan literally only took a few minutes and felt very relaxing. After my spray, I was generously feathered down with a setting powder which both smelled amazing and had a fun shimmer to it.

Next up was Tyler. Though I know all that was running through Tyler’s mind at the time was the episode of Friends where Ross turned orange due to a spray tan machine disaster, he was a good sport. He bravely opted to get the type of spray tan where he gets sprayed, and only showers the next morning.

After we were both sprayed, set with powder, we were thoroughly impressed by the professionalism, cleanliness, and outcome of our appearance. We both walked out with a better understanding of why people get spray tans on a regular basis.

The next day, I found my tan to be perfectly even, and gone were my weird polo tan lines from the ONE time Tyler took me golfing. I even noticed I didn’t need makeup since my face color had been evened out. As for Tyler? He woke up in a slight panic (as the tan was to get darker overnight and then lighten up after a shower). After his shower, his tan also appeared even and lovely. Honestly? I think he’s liking it a lot more than he thought he would – it looks great!

We expect these tans to last us through the weekend and maybe a few days after that. Next? we may just need to inquire about The Bronze Lily monthly membership package.

Check out the full experience on my IG highlight here.

Obviously, this was my first-ever spay tan experience, but I can’t honestly imagine having a better one. If you’re interested in a spray tan for a special event or just to pamper yourself a little, I highly recommend booking an appointment at The Bronze Lily.

Oh hey – now that you’re informed of where to get a rockin’ spray tan, how about you make some dinner plans?

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