Saturn Salon In St. Pete: My Hair Redemption

Saturn Salon in St. Petersburg

You likely don’t need to read yet another paragraph about how “this year has been crazy” but, here we are. This year HAS been crazy and with the new normal of living in a pandemic, you may be like me in noticing some things that have, oh I don’t know, gotten away from you? If I am being honest, I was LONG overdue for a haircut well before the pandemic. Then, when everything closed down in March, I simply accepted my grown out highlights and split ends as part of if my new aesthetic. Thank goodness Morgan from Saturn Salon entered my life this month.

Located at  911 32nd Ave N in St. Petersburg, Saturn Salon is an eco-friendly hair salon offering quality hair treatments in the most adorable atmosphere. When I connected with Saturn Salon’s owner and lead stylist, Morgan Webb, on Instagram it was as if the hair gods had thrown me a lifeline to save me from the rising tide that was my hair disaster.

Ok, a little dramatic? Fine. However still incredibly true — just look at my before and afters!

When I first pulled up to the salon, I was immediately taken with the cute black and white awning – opening the door to the most adorable parlor-style salon was such a welcomed moment! Decorated by Morgan herself, the salon aesthetic is like a vintage/boho/glam combination that somehow just works. Immediately, I thought of approximately 27 people who I am sure would love to come to get their hair done here simply for the Instagram-worthy environment.

Saturn Salon Interior in St. Petersburg Florida
Saturn Salon Interior in St. Petersburg Florida

From the moment I met Morgan, I honestly felt comfortable trusting her with my hair. She immediately brushed out and started cutting my hair (why isn’t everyone dry cutting? I feel like it makes SO much more sense!)

From there, we began a balayage treatment and finished with a colored glaze that she created custom for my hair. In the end, I honestly can say I was incredibly impressed with the outcome. I could not remember the last time I had seen my hair as bouncy and as shiny as it was after Morgan’s magic.

Hair Painting for Balayage at Saturn Salon

In addition to the skill Morgan has hand-painting hair, she used Davines hair care products, a sustainable haircare line that made my hair smell and feel wonderful. Honestly, before my appointment at Saturn Salon, I had truly forgotten how nice it is to have refreshed and manageable hair.

Saturn Salon St. Pete FL Hair Salon

Because Morgan truly cares about this community and understands the importance of making buying decisions towards a more sustainable future, she hosts events at Saturn Salon such as clothing swaps and more.

I am so glad I now feel I have a go-to hair salon in St. Petersburg – I’ll be back for sure.

Check out Saturn Salon’s events by following them on Instagram!

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