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Lida’s Jungle: St. Petersburg Plant Store

Rooftop Collective visits Lidas Jungle in Downtown St. Pete

One of the many things I adore about living in Downtown St. Pete is the walkability the city has. Living on or by Central Avenue provides a constant opportunity to walk outside and just see where the day takes you.  A little while back, while strolling Central, I walked past Lida’s Jungle for the first time.

A new location for the local business, Lida’s Jungle is located at 1037 Central Ave, between Sweet Stack Shack and Poppo’s, and is here to make your jungle dreams come true.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Hendley, one of the shop’s founders and she shared the story behind Lida’s with me.

Growing up, Sarah had worked with her grandmother in their nursery and garden – though at the time she had little to no interest in anything botanical. However, as she entered her adult years, she realized a passion for plants that was also shared by Daniel Reyes, the shop’s other founder.

Named after Sarah’s daughter, Lida, Lida’s Jungle is thriving on Central Avenue and serves as a place for those with green thumbs to expand their botanical collection.

When asked what being a part of St. Pete’s local business scene means, Sarah replied:

“Being a part of Downtown St. Pete’s local business scene is huge! Growing up here, visiting all of the shops on Central and now being one of the shops is just unreal. Being located in the Edge District, surrounded by a bunch of great businesses — were just so glad to be a part of it.”

Sarah Hendley, Lida’s Jungle Co-Founder

I myself, only having a few houseplants (the number is steadily increasing) found the knowledge Sarah has to be easy to understand and made investing in plants for both my apartment and balcony easy and enjoyable.

If anything, stop into the shop for the sheer VIBE – it’s gorgeous.

Whether you’re looking for a lush leafy plant, or a spikey cactus (I still don’t understand the draw to these living pushpins) Lida’s Jungle is ready to help you find your next (or first!) plant.

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Photography by Kristina Holman.

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