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4 Ways Under $10 to Upgrade Your Shower

hanging eucalyptus in shower

Alright, guys – 2020 has continued to throw one curveball after another at us and it has become more important than ever to find ways to relax, calm yourself and even disconnect from the stresses of the world from the comfort of your home. I put together this super simple list in hopes that it may give someone an idea of how to upgrade the “me time” they may have.

1) Hanging Eucalyptus in Your Shower

Is it just me or is like everyone lately hanging plants in their showers? Like not just eucalyptus but like ferns, vines and I swear – I once saw a full-on palm tree. Either way – whether your a friend of being in the shower with leaves or not – hanging eucalyptus in your shower could absolutely be something to consider to upgrade your daily shower.

At first – I had to figure out why this was occurring, so I researched it, and apparently – the oils within the leaves of the eucalyptus leaves can start naturally diffusing when hung under your shower head. #Science

Some of the benefits of eucalyptus can be stress reduction, respiratory health and pain relief – so why not bring the spa to you for just $5?

Here’s how you hang eucalyptus in your shower like a pro:

How to hang eucalyptus in your shower

Step 1) Pick-up a bushel of eucalyptus leaves ( I purchased mine for under $5 at Trader Joe’s)

P.S. I also got pumpkin muffin mix I just reminded myself about – score.

Step 2) Tie the stems of the branches together (like how I imagine the cavemen to have done to make a broom)

Step 3) Hang the tied bushel under your shower head BUT NOT SO CLOSE THAT IT GETS WATER ONTO IT. Remember, you want the leaves to defuse, not get a bath

Step 4) Take a picture because it’s heckin’ instagramable #selfcare #spaday #diy #RooftopCollective

Step 5) Enjoy!

2) Introducing: Shower Bombs

I’ve used bath bombs for a while – (the Lush ones are my fav!) But real talk? Filling up my tub takes approximately 8.5 hours and you know what? Because I am still waiting for my million dollar mansion with a walnut tub that holds heat, (thanks Million Dollar Listing LA you made a monster) the water stays warm for like 5 minutes – not luxurious.

Introducing: SHOWER BOMBS – here to clarify your nose, awaken your soul and upgrade your daily shower. Shower bombs were a new concept for me, but once I picked up a few from Naples Soap Company – (support local!) – I wish I had found out about them sooner.

At just $8, each shower bomb can last around two showers and is likely less than your favorite craft cocktail.

3) Fluff Up Your Towels

Ok so I don’t wash my towels every day – I think that’s normal right? I totally change them out frequently, but I use a towel and then hang it on the rack for a little while. Well, you know that comforting feeling of taking warm laundry out of the dryer? Why not treat yo’self to a wonderfully warm and cozy towel by popping it in the dryer with a dryer sheet right before your shower?

It’s fast, easy, cozy and free.

4) Purchase a Shower Spray

Shower Spray Purchased from Woodhouse Spa

If it’s good enough for the Four Seasons, it’s good enough for you! I’ve had the welcomed opportunity to spend the day at the Four Seasons in Denver Colorado and the BIGGEST thing I was impressed with was the spray they had in each shower. Guys – that was like a year ago and I am still thinking about that spray.

Spraying a little bit of the many sprays available immediately transforms your shower into a steamy wonderland of relaxation and clarification. This is something that takes SO much less time than drawing a bath and has a huge immediate payoff. Though I have no idea what concoction the Four Seasons uses, this spray from The Woodhouse Day Spa will take you from stressed out to in the clouds in no time.

Included this because TECHNICALLY the travel size is under $10. However, if you want to be baller, the full-size bottle is about $30. 😉

Warning: from what I have read – some essential oils such as eucalyptus can be harmful to pets – so be sure to check the ingredients and with your vet before steaming up your house with leaves, bath bombs, and sprays.

There you have it! 4 ways to upgrade your daily shower for under $10! Let me know if you have tried any of these ideas and if you like them!

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