Co-Working with Rooftop: Upcoming Sessions

Ok we ALLL have the voice in our head time to time that’s politely whispering “hey, you know that thing you’ve been putting off? You should really get it done.” Or, maybe your voice takes a page from my internal whispering voice that is says, “hey, your goals are doable, they are just on the other side of GETTING THIS STUFF DONE.”

Regardless, that voice many times is overrun by the louder sounds of TikTok scrolling, happy hours, and pretty much anything else that sounds more fun than sitting down after your 9-5 to get get more work done.

If any of this resonates with you as much as it does with me, consider joining a co-working session with Rooftop! I recently heard someone talk about the concept of “body doubling”. Basically, grown up study hall sessions where you get together in-person, or virtually with others to get whatever you need to, done.

Since showing up at a coffee shop with 32 people might be hard, space is limited.

I know I could benefit from this accountability…and if you think you can to, sign-up below to be notified of our next session with open spots.

Once you sign-up, you will be notified via text with a confirmation that your spot is reserved and where the session will take place.

..and just like that, the internal voice is appeased.

Interested in attending a co-working session? Submit your info below!

Upcoming session: June 13th, 7PM | Location: St. Pete