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Urban Landings: Apartments in St. Petersburg

Urban Landings Downtown St Petersburg Apartment Building

With so many apartments available in Downtown St. Petersburg, picking your next home base can be a daunting and time-consuming task. That’s why we created this special series highlighting some of the popular apartment complexes in Downtown St. Petersburg. This post explores Downtown St. Pete apartment complex, Urban Landings – let’s dive in!

As I have not personally lived in Urban Landings, I contacted my lovely friend, Allessia who graciously invited me over and gave me a full tour of the complex. Allessia has been in the building for several years and is probably THE BEST person to talk about Urban Landings as she was the first tenant to move in when the building first opened!

P.S. she also makes a killer iced latte which I have found myself thinking about now days after visiting.

Urban Landings Fast Facts:

  • Address: 300 4th Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
  • Layouts available: 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units * as of July 2020, only 2 and 3 bedrooms available
  • Rent: *as of July 2020, about $1,824 -$2,124+ ranging from a 925 sq ft – 1,093 sq ft
  • Pet friendly? Yes! Max 2 allowed, Max weight 30 lb each/monthly pet rent $50 per pet.
  • Parking details: Gated covered garage for residents/street parking for guests
  • Distance to St. Pete Beach: 8 miles/16 minutes with light traffic
  • Distance to Downtown Tampa: 24 miles/25 min with light traffic
  • Distance to nightlife (party block as I call it): 0.4 miles/8 min walk
  • Closest Publix: Publix Super Market at University Village, 250 3rd St S, St. Petersburg 0.2 miles/3 min walk
  • Closest Coffee Shop: Kahwa 204 2nd Ave S, St. Petersburg 0.3 miles/5 min walk

Urban Landings: What is it really like living there?

The biggest thing I took away from meeting with Allessia is that Urban Landings is actually a split complex where half of the building is 65+ and the other half is open to all ages. Interestingly enough, the building actually offers completely separate amenities to both sides so though you are all under one apartment complex, the two parts of the building are pretty separate. Both sides use the same garage, but apart from that, there are two gyms, two common rooms, two mailrooms etc.

Allessia really likes this about Urban Landings – she feels that as a lot of the residents in the building have stayed through multiple leases, you get a very strong sense of community in the building.

Personally, this is not something I have ever experienced in an apartment complex. Through the three buildings I have lived in, tenants come and go with the wind and with it, expires the sense of community that I feel you may get had some people stayed in the building longer.

In previous posts in this series, like my honest review of a neighboring apartment complex, Beacon430, I would go through what we liked, what we didn’t like etc. however, Allessia so wonderfully covered that and more in the below video tour. Check it out!

Come along for a video tour of Urban Landings | Rooftop Collective

Though we were not able to see the full list of amenities due to building closures protecting against Covid-19, I was able to pull the above photos from Urban Landing’s website.

Would you recommend Urban Landings to a friend?

Urban Landings was one of the first complexes to develop during what I like to refer to as the “St.Pete Boom”, when complexes started popping up all over the place and downtown really developed into the diverse destination it’s become today.

My family has been able to have so many wondering experiences thanks to our walkable access to the downtown amenities. Aside from our memorable stroller walks with our young ones, there are playgrounds, music in the park, the Saturday market, grocery stores, restaurants and bars, soccer games, and parades all in our backyard.

The convenience of having all these plus more has truly provided us endless fun over the years. My little girl even went snow sledding at Vinoy park, I mean what kid can say that? St. Pete does a phenomenal job creating unique experiences like that and the downtown museums are always offering creative experiences for children that are typically free.

As far as Urban Landings goes, I have nothing but warm feelings. My neighbors through the years have become like family. We really are a tight-knit community that looks out and cares for each other.

My apartment has been the perfect size to start a family and create a lifestyle for my children that I think has been unique and fun. People love seeing my daughter scooter downtown and the employees at Publix have literally watched her grow up.

It’s little things like this that fill my heart and give me a true sense of community. I encourage more parents to think outside of the white picket fence and consider the idea of raising a family in this walkable lifestyle. You won’t be disappointed.

Allessia, Resident of Urban Landings

From what I heard from Allessia, Urban Landings has a lot going for it. With very competitively priced units available, Urban Landings offers your basic amenities with downtown views and is in a stellar location. From what I have seen in the area, I think this complex offers the most affordable units while still being within walking distance of food, bars, groceries, and coffee — coffee always be close to coffee.

I hope this post helped give you an idea of what life is like at Urban Landings – if you made it through or watched the video, let me know below in the comments!

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