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Make a Difference: How You Can Help Feed Healthcare Workers Fighting Against Covid-19

St. Pete Rising and the Edge Guide Donate Meals to Healthcare Workers

In the midst of news surrounding COVID-19 going from bad to worse, two St. Pete organizations are teaming up and going above and beyond to support those on the front lines — and they are asking for our help.

St. Pete Rising, an urban development blog, and local site, EDGE Guide, have partnered together to bring fresh meals to healthcare workers fighting against COVID-19. Taking their focus one step further, they have committed to teaming up with one local restaurant and one hospital or healthcare provider each day to not only provide welcomed meals to workers but to support local businesses.

How We Can Help:

What makes this mission so impactful, is that the organization is purchasing these meals from local restaurants impacted by COVID-19 hoping to support them through an increase in sales. This means you and I can support this movement by simply donating a small amount that would sponsor a meal for a healthcare worker.

Supporters are given the option to donate $10+ with each increment of $10 providing an entire meal for those risking their health to fight against the virus.

Join us in supporting the Edge Guide and St. Pete Rising as they make this incredible effort to provide meals to local heroes fighting on the frontlines each day.

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