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With many states restricting outings to only essentials (groceries, medical appointments, etc.), many industries are learning to adapt to our “new normal” of staying home as much as possible. Among the leaders of adapting is the fitness industry. Once powered by gym memberships and trendy boutique gyms, pre-recorded and live workouts have replaced the old ways that we’d break a sweat. So, we set out to find four of the top apps offering free at-home workouts so you didn’t have to.

Let’s take a look at a few of the leading workout subscriptions that you can do in the comfort of your home, all of which are currently offering free trials in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to allow everyone access to ways to stay healthy and fight the “quarantine 15.”

If you’re looking for something with structure…

Beachbody on Demand

Deemed the “Netflix of fitness,” Beachbody on Demand is offering users a free 14-day trial to its workout streaming app. Known for some of its most popular programs like P90X and 21 Day Fix, the app has recently broadened its scope of workouts and is now streaming popular programs centered around barre, yoga, kickboxing, and more.

As someone who has a pretty intermediate level of knowledge of fitness, I find that the programs on Beachbody are perfect for all levels, but especially beginners. The programs are led by world-class trainers who explain every movement and how your body should be feeling with each one. It’s perfect if you’re not 100% on things like proper form, breathing through movement, and other basics. Each program that I tried came with a suggested schedule as well as detailed guides on what to expect which was perfect for my Type A personality.

If you’re looking for a way to set new habits of working out regularly and prioritizing your health, I’d highly recommend starting with 21 Day Fix. It’s one of Beachbody’s legacy programs and is a very motivating way to make sure you get your movement in daily. From there, you can checkout one of their newer programs like Barre Blend or PiYo to find what kind of exercise is right for you! At only $99/year for the streamable content, it is one of the lower priced home workout apps on the market.

Centr: Workout like Marvel’s Thor

Have you ever wondered how Thor keeps his physique? No? Maybe that’s just me, but you’re probably wondering now! Chris Hemsworth has gathered his fitness and nutrition team to launch Centr, a health app designed to help you find your center with health. This app covers more than just exercise – it offers suggested workouts that you stream on the app, recipes for healthy meals, and guided meditations to train mindfulness. It’s truly a 360-degree app focused on your total wellbeing, and completely customized based on your personal information and ultimate goals.

Based on your level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), the app will distribute workouts, recipes, and content that is unique to you and your plan. The workouts themselves come in two forms, self-guided or coached. With the self-guided option, a custom workout is put together and instructional videos on proper form are provided, but you ultimately move at your own pace through the various movements. Coached workouts are the most typical streamable workouts that have one of Chris’ coaches leading you through a warm-up, workout, and cool-down. The production of the workout videos is top-notch and the energy from the coaches is infectious.

With a 7-day free trial, and a price tag of $29.99/month for the month-to-month option, the free trial is one of the shorter on the market and the subscription is higher than others. There is the option to pursue a $119.99/year subscription if you end up hooked after your 7-day trial. And remember, the cost covers the workouts, healthy recipes (which you can easily turn into a shopping list), and the guided meditations – all customized to you and your plan. It’s like having a top-notch trainer in your pocket!

If you’re missing your hometown studio…

Local Spotlight: Pilates with Randi

Many who religiously attended classes at their favorite fitness studio may be missing the camaraderie of group fitness. Luckily, many boutique studios have transitioned to online classes including local studio, Pilates with Randi. Though not an app, we felt it was important to include at least one locally owned business within our list. #SupportLocal

Offering a variety of classes ranging from cardio-based high-intensity intervals (HIIT), to mat pilates classes, Pilates with Randi’s online courses can easily transform even the smallest of living rooms into your own personal studio.

The studio offers drop-in classes for just $8 in addition to packages of five, ten, or an unlimited amount of classes per month. Giving users the opportunity to have a free at-home workout, one of their main instructors, Victoria Waycaster, offers a free introductory class that you can redeem when emailing her at  [email protected]. Though each class is offered live giving you the opportunity to workout alongside familiar faces, you have 24 hours to use the class providing the flexibility some may need.

If you prefer to pick and choose…

Peloton Fitness App

If you’re a more advanced fitness junkie, you may prefer to pick and choose your exercises on a daily basis. If you’re looking for the flexibility of not following a specific program, with the ability to move seamlessly between cardio, strength training, or other fitness types, Peloton may be the right app for you.

Offering an impressive 90-day free trial due to the COVID-19 concerns, this app really offers quality content of all kinds: strength, yoga, cardio, meditation, running/walking, outdoor audio fitness, cycling, stretching, and more! The content mostly comes in the form of pre-recorded videos, but they also offer audio-guided workouts for walks, runs, outdoor fitness, etc. as well as my personal favorite – live classes! Offering a schedule with classes you can tune in to live with other fitness junkies, they take place at all times throughout the day, allowing you to choose live workouts that best fit with your work-from-home schedule. In true Peloton fashion, the power of community is harnessed in many ways throughout the app, even allowing you to see who else is watching one of the workout videos at the same time! This is one of the many reasons this app is Rooftop Collective’s Founder, Gabrielle’s favorite at-home workout app.

After you’ve spent 90 days discovering your favorite workouts and getting in shape, you can keep your subscription for just $12.99/month, a very reasonable cost for the quality and diverse exercise content offered in the app. Just make sure you sign up soon – the ability to sign up for the free trial ends April 30th!

If you’re looking for a little bit of both…

Kira Stokes Fit

Last but not least, and my personal favorite, if you’re looking to have the option to follow a pre-designed plan or switch things up, the Kira Stokes Fit app may be the option for you. Known for training celebrities like Ashley Graham and Candace Cameron Bure, Kira takes a holistic approach to wellness and emphasizes low impact workouts.

Her app is full of carefully curated content designed to help you reach your fitness goals. She offers modifications throughout the videos and brings a vibrant energy that is sure to help you get stoked. She offers the ability to follow a 7-day plan (Stoked in 7 for newbies to the app or Super Stoked in 7 for the veteran subscribers). Adoringly referred to as “appletes,” Kira is extremely active on social media, bringing an added level of personalization to her approach.

When you sign up and get involved with app, you’ll learn ways to enjoy your fitness routine and sneak in some extra work when you don’t have time for a full 30-60 minute workout. Referred to as “movement snacks” by Kira, she offers ways to get in just a few minutes of activity throughout the day. With her emphasis on low impact (perfect for those of you currently quarantined in apartments with lower level neighbors!), Kira works in “sneaky cardio” throughout the pre-recorded exercises. The Stoked Method emphasizes form, function, fun, fatigue and fuel to create a well-rounded workout every single time.

The 7-day free trial offers the perfect amount of time to try out the Stoked in 7 program and the subscription is $14.99/month (or $144.99/year) after. In addition to the free trial, Kira is hosting free and live workouts with her celebrity clients on Instagram Live and announces upcoming workouts about 24 hours in advance so you can plan to attend or follow along later. If you tune in for her live workouts, Kira is also using Instagram to suggest videos to follow each day if you’re craving a little more structure.

The bottom line of at-home workouts

Whether you try one of these fitness apps, or all of them, many are discovering the joy of working out from home during this unprecedented time. Finding the app that keeps you motivated and provides you the best fitness for your goals takes time, which is why it’s essential that take advantage of these trials offering free at-home workouts! Each of these apps allows you to cancel subscriptions at any time.

For an inside look at my first-hand experience with these apps, head to Instagram and view my Health highlight!

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